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Why I Started On My Coaching Journey? ... by Jingqiu Shao

I was looking for something where my natural talent and the things that I enjoy came together, to enable me to do truly love work. Till one day I heard about coaching, at that moment it really touched me, and I was deeply passionate about it. To be a coach becomes a true calling for me.

Coaching is the pursuit of human greatness, which creates a revolution of empowering individuals to be their best selves, whether personally or professionally. To be a coach really fulfills my purpose to be of service to others, and gives me the experiences of joy to help others; To be a coach is also an optimal way to transform my life experience into value for others, which makes everything I have done or will do become full of meaning and possibility; To be a coach also enables me to attain personal freedom by coaching when you want to, where you want and who you want.

Most importantly, to be a coach is an unlimited path for self growth. As a coach I have be at least 2 steps ahead of my clients. Everyone I coached is a mirror for me and I also learned from this coaching relationship. This is a great way for self-development. I change the world one client a time by transformation conversations, this is why I do what I do.

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