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Why Got Me Started Into Coaching? ... by Marianne Preston

I started coaching to make a difference in people’s lives and find a way to help people create the life they want and manage the stressor and challenges in their life. There is a great personal benefit to me as I love to see the potential and possibilities unfold in people’s lives. My interest lies in helping people in their journey towards greater self awareness and insight which can lead to positive changes in their life. As a coach I am privileged to assist in identifying what matters most and partnering with my clients to uncover the core challenges and necessary actions which allows them to achieve the results they are seeking. This is a powerful and life altering process.

Through my work in Victim Services I have been privileged to assist those who have been impacted by crime and other tragedies. I have been witness to great loss and suffering, but also to great survival and accomplishment. It always amazed me how some individuals can come through a crisis or tragedy and rise to great heights of strength and resolve, while others crumble and struggle with depression, low self worth and many anxieties.

I have also seen similar struggles amongst my peers and friends. Trying to reach that next level, but getting stuck because of fear, doubt, procrastination and lack of confidence. A great desire or goal remains elusive and can often result in a person giving up on their dream and ultimately on them self. This led to my journey of seeking out high level training for coaching, coupled with my own strengths and expertise to begin offering my service others. It has allowed me to make a difference in people’s lives and serve them with skill, passion and integrity. The ultimate purpose was to help individuals get to that place where they could be masters of their own life and allow them to move from being stuck to being powerful.

It has been my great pleasure to help people uncover those aspects while encouraging them to remain non-judgemental toward themselves. I firmly believe that it is the judgements one places on oneself that prevents them from making progress toward their truest wants and desires. Strengthening the aspects of self compassion and kindness toward oneself is fundamental for ensuring that each person can reach their goals and what they aspire to in their life.

We all have inherent strengths and skills that we minimize or sometimes completely disregard. My purpose in doing this work is to help clients harness the belief in themself and put into motion the steps to help them take the necessary action to achieving their goals. Being in partnership with another person on their journey is rewarding and fulfilling for me and allows me to be of service using the skills and strengths I have.

The goal of improving ones life whether is is about professional development, personal growth, values clarification or relationships all brings clarity and helps create a blueprint for moving forward in life. Discovering your own courage and capacity allows you to take these incredible leaps into uncharted territory and live the life you want to live.

I have loved the journey so far, and I am excited for what the future holds.