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Why did I start my coaching journey? ... by Gustavo Leon

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

As a manager and a leader in the companies that I worked for throughout my

professional life, I had the opportunity to participate as a mentor in formal internal

mentoring programs, as a facilitator in change management and total quality initiatives,

and as a coach to interact as appropriate to support, depending on the situation, some

of my direct and indirect reports in the organization.

Two years ago, while transitioning into my semi-retired life, I reflected upon the need to

dedicate the rest of my life to the things that I really enjoy (travel, learning, my hobbies),

and to give back to my professional community, and to others as much as I could from

the knowledge and experience that I accumulated through the years, and in the areas of

expertise that I felt most passionate about. In my case, project management consulting

and mentoring and coaching. In each of these areas, my mission is to help others

identify their true potential, become better performers at whatever they do, and to align

their personal and professional goals and objectives with their values in life. This is why

I decided to get formal training in coaching.

158 hours of formal training, and 100 hours of actual coaching later, brought me to

where I am right now as a professional coach with a ACTP Diploma from Erickson

International, and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International

Coaching Federation (ICF).

My biggest satisfaction in life, after creating a family and raising my kids, were my

professional achievements and being able to give back to others as much or more as I

was blessed with in my personal and professional life from my mentors and friends.

Now it is my time to carry it forward!

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