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Why Am I A Coaching Professional? ... by J.K.Chua

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I spent many years in the corporate world predominantly working in North American multinationals in Information Technology and Telecommunications. In my 36 years working for ambitious companies and as an entrepreneur, I helped to leverage industry shifts that drive demands for our business. We had major changes affecting the global economy that accelerated digital and technology transformations.

But, we had never experienced massive or drastic changes that we experience today in the pandemic. Many unprecedented events have occured and we are now in the "new normal". Businesses have to adapt and innovate or they will disappear! More than ever before, people and businesses have to re-invent themselves or they will become extinct.

That's when I felt that with the professional coaching training, I will be better equipped to help people and businesses survive and thrive in this new and challenging environment, I actually started thinking of getting Professional Coaching Certification in early 2019 long before the Covid-19 pandemic manifested in December 2019. In my work, I coached and mentored many sales and marketing professionals and businesses to succeed by taking simple action steps towards their goals.

As I explored the many certified coaching programs in the market, I realized that coaching is a very compelling profession to help individuals, businesses and entities to uncover their 'hidden" potential and maximize them for the benefit of all involved. I ended up completing my Solution-Focused Coach Diploma with Erickson International and now I am also a qualified Associate Certificate Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation as of Dec 28th, 2020.

As a Certified Design Thinking Facilitator, I also realize the synergies between Design Thinking and Coaching. While coaching techniques can be used in the Design Thinking process, design thinking can also be used as a exploratory framework to discover more about the coaching client or coachee when coaching.

I am now extremely motivated and excited to use my coaching and design thinking skills to help my clients enquire, explore and excel.

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