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What's New Normal With The Covid-19 Pandemic? ... by Jingqiu Shao

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Obviously, Covid-19 pandemic has made today’s world different than usual. Or, maybe we would call it as new normal. What is new normal anyway?

The way we work, work from home, remote, and flexible schedules. This might be a new trend in the future even pandemic is over. Physical office space may be required less than before. This raised new issues about how we differentiate our life between work and after work as we work at home, cook at home, entertain at home, sleep at home.

The way we communicate with others. In order to keep social distancing, we keep touch with others by online social media, could this be a way to replace our usual in person communication? Even we could hang on the network for communication, is it possible we still feel lonely, stressful, anxiety? How could we take care of ourselves, mental and physical wellness?

The way we earn money. Because of Covid-19 pandemic, there is increased chance for financial and global uncertainty, and job-insecurity. How could we survive this uncertainty, be financially no worry, and look for the chance for the future?

How could we deal with all above changes and differences? The first but important principle is acceptance. We should keep in mind that waiting for things to “go back to normal” is setting expectations ever be met. Things will never be normal like before. Accepting reality is the key to being resilient.

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