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What's Different in the Pandemic World? ... by J.K.Chua

The changes we are seeing in today's pandemic world caused by Covid-19 has been drastic and mind-boggling. The changes we have seen have been unprecedented! Throughout the history of the world, we have never seen anything like this. Never have we seen every part of the world impacted at the same time by the same pandemic.

Businesses have been impacted and many have closed for good including many businesses with many years of history. Work from home (WFH) is now common and many organizations have been forced to promote working from home even though it may not be as productive as working at the office. Schools have closed for months, en-bloc and many school children have had to adapt to changes on the fly. The world today has also been forced to embrace e-commerce faster and sooner than before. Many businesses have become more reliant on e-commerce and leading-edge logistics to deliver their products and services.

Many organizations in the midst of digitization and digital transformation now have to accelerate their efforts or risk being left behind by the competition and industry-at-large. Organizations can no longer adapt the "wait-and-see" attitude towards transformation but have to get it done now, sooner and not later.

Our society, people and businesses now have the great opportunity to make positive changes through transformation of their business models, monetization models, business processes and the way they engage their customers in the social media world. Things are now moving so fast that business acumen have become all the more critical and new business opportunities have now emerged.

The question is how we as individuals, teams and organizations can leverage our resources to capitalize on the new opportunities in a speedy and steadfast manner. Let's go and just do it!

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