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Free Yourself From Anxieties With 3 Easy Steps ... J.K.Chua

Written by J.K.Chua


Begin by reflecting on where you are at with your anxieties and try to uncover the source of your anxieties. As you discover the sources of your anxieties, think of the positives and complete opposites of what is causing your anxieties.

Continue in that contemplative process and find ways that you could overcome the causes of your anxieties.


As you finish reflecting on what is causing you anxieties and where you at right now, in the moment, begin to visualize your desired outcome that will remove you from anxieties. Start to see the photo or movie of yourself where you are confident, poised and prepared for whatever challenges that might come your way.

Once you have that image or moving picture in your mind, make yourself feel more relaxed and think about the things that you did to get you to that state.


Slowly allow your body to relax and do a 3-minute breathing meditation exercise where you sit comfortably on a chair and start by closing your eyes. Then, start to notice your breathing in and out and notice how it affects your shoulders, rib cage, chest, abdomen and whole body. Continue to notice your breath and stop after 3 minutes.

Now visualize your desired outcome and remind yourself what you need to do to prepare and get to that desired state.

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