Our Coaches

Ready to become more effective as an  individual or leader to overcome personal or organizational issues? With coaching, consulting and keynotes, our coaches are here to help you achieve more than ever before. We are a multicultural team from Canada, Singapore and Peru and our work dedication and ethics make us special. We want to positively impact our clients and we are multilingual and multifocused in helping our clients uncover possibilities and overcome obstacles. We speak English, Mandarin (Chinese), Spanish and Malay (Indonesian).



Transformation and Mindset Coach

My passion is working with those who are in transition and need clarity to discover their true calling…their “Why” and align their purpose and vison with the values that matter most.  Get past your blocks and fears to create the best outcome in your personal or professional life.   I focus on helping people who are at a crossroads and may be faced with a difficult decision or simply feel stuck and cannot move forward from a place of overwhelm.

I have spent over 35 years in social services with a significant portion of that working with victims of crime and other tragedies. Throughout my career I have helped people overcome obstacles and gain the confidence to attain their goals.  I have a background in trauma centered work which provides a strong foundation for my coaching practice.  That sensitivity toward your unique needs combined with the gentle but challenging questions will move you to a deeper understanding of who you are and how to get what you most desire.

My philosophy holds that you have all the inherent strengths and capabilities within you. What you need is CLARITY, ACTION and RESULTS.  I would be honoured to work with you to uncover this.

Email me at prestmarianne@gmail.com



Business, Executive and Life Coach

My life purpose (my "Ikigai") is to be compassionate to people around me by helping them (including our clients) to help themselves and people around them. I coach clients to help them uncover possibilities and overcome obstacles and negativities in their professional, business or personal lives.

​Using MIT’s Sloan School of Management’s Approach to Design Thinking and Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information’s Certification on Implementing Design Thinking and leveraging my business experience, I help small businesses leverage Design Thinking to drive innovation in product, service and experience design. I run sales immersion, customer engagement, business consulting and design thinking workshops for my customers to sharpen their competitive edge. As an ICF Associated Certified Coach (ACC), I have coached many clients from Europe, Asia and North America and worked with my peer coaches to deliver group coaching. Since 2013, I have been mentor to NUS business and engineering undergraduates under the NUSS-NUS Mentorship Programme. 

I worked in U.S. ICT multinational corporations for over 28 years before reinventing myself as an entrepreneur, bestselling author and motivational speaker since 2008. In 2020, I worked with the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) to conduct Life Learning Courses/Workshops (including "Design Your Life or Business After 50") in conjunction with the National Silver Academy's Lifelong Learning Initiative

​I also provide business coaching by leveraging on my extensive experience in sales, sales management, strategic selling, marketing, customer service, product development and product management. I spent many years driving business for U.S. Fortune 500 Companies in Asia and the Middle-East North Africa (MENA).

​Email me at jkchua88@gmail.com or find out more at www.jkchua.com



Self-Development, Life and Business Coach

After ten years as an entrepreneur, I now have a new identity as a Certified Professional Coach. I am focused on self-development and relationship building. If you find yourself feeling stuck and not sure what you want, or you are looking for building authentic connections with people around you, I am here to help and guide you through your exploration.
I am a mom with two kids. I was a university lecturer in China for 5 years and then moved to Canada to work as a software engineer for 6 years before starting my life as an entrepreneur in the last 10 years. I understand your pain and confusion and your eagerness to change. I care about not only your success but also your personal growth and development.
Email me at jingqiuss@gmail.com

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Executive, Business and Life Coach

"I am a Project Management Consultant, Mentor, and a Professional Coach seeking to give back to the industry community by helping organizations to effectively address and solve their problems, and individuals to improve their performance and achieve their maximum potential in life and in business."
Senior Executive with 40 years of experience in the oil & gas industry in Venezuela, the United States and Canada. During the past 25 years, leading organizations in senior management and executive roles in major projects, operations, maintenance, technical services and human resources. Strong background in leadership, project management, project controls, risk management, engineering, reliability and integrity, team building, coaching and mentoring practices, implementing total quality programs, leading highly technical organizations, and organizational design. He is highly proficient in aligning projects with corporate goals and objectives, driving technology, positively influencing decisions across the organization, and developing alternatives and strategic plans to reduce operating cost, maximize profit and return on investment.
Email me at gustavoleon25@gmail.com

Lucy Huamani


Personal Development, Executive and Life Coach

Being a freelance teacher, tutor and mentor working with people “one-to-one” for the past three years has given me the opportunity to connect with my real self and mission, which is to help others in their process of growing and becoming better selves in a challenging world. 

Against all odds, I managed to become an Economist and a teacher despite growing up in an underdeveloped area in Peru without hopes for a better future. My first job at the age of 17 was selling diverse products and trinkets in the streets, and after one month, I learnt enough to persuade customers to buy and get work experience. After that I worked as an Economist I have worked for institutions like The Central Bank, Peru’s Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Stock Exchange. 

In 2018, I quit my job in the Lima Stock Market to begin a transformational life journey. I travelled to India to heed my calling in coaching. After six months living and studying in India and experiencing inspirational life moments, I came back full of life. The trainings, awe-inspiring retreats and volunteering programs that I participated in allowed me to see life from a broader perspective. Currently, I am enjoying the benefits of my balanced lifestyle and coaching is an important part of it. I am open and ready to guide others in their own journey towards a brighter existence.

Email me at lucyhuamaniv@gmail.com